Fixed Deposit is a Mudarabah-based deposit product through which customers can invest their savings for periods ranging from one to five years and earn profit on a periodic basis. Under this product, all deposits placed by customers are used by Maisarah to utilise in funding financing products as well as investing in its own or any other Shariah compliant business activities to generate profits.
Attractive profit sharing ratio.
Flexible investment period.
Quick & easy processes.

1. Flexible Profit Payout frequency with different expected profit rates:

  • Monthly profit payout
  • Quarterly profit payout
  • Semi Annual profit payout
  • Annual profit payout
  • Profit payout on maturity

2. Free Double deposit Takaful ddicover for accountholders of Fixed Deposit through Islamic Insurance(i.e. Takaful)

3. Competitive Expected Profit Rate

Ameen Term Deposit is based on the Sharia principle of Wakalah where we invest the cash in different projects to generate a profit that reaches customer’s expectations. As an incentive, Maisarah keeps any profit that exceeds the expected rate. Ameen Term Deposit offers relatively higher expected profit rate than standard savings account or fixed deposit, and almost fixed profit where the profit is calculated on monthly basis and paid on agreed intervals. The deposit is available in local and foreign currencies with wide selection of tenures from seven days up to five years.
Flexible tenures up to 5 years.
Early withdrawal option.
Quick & easy account opening.

Double deposit Savings & Takaful in one account.

Give your money the benefit of double deposit Takaful cover with Maisarah Savings & Fixed Deposit Accounts.

  • Shari’a compliant banking solutions
  • Expected profit rate for savings account is up to 2.5%
  • Expected profit rate for fixed deposit is up to 4%
  • Maximum Takaful cover of OMR 100,000

Double deposit Cover:

Maisarah Double Deposit Cover will offer Life Cover/Permanent Total Disability (PTD) cover for any account holder who opens either Savings Account or Fixed Deposit where the bank will pay the premium for the cover. In the event of Death or PTD of the accountholder, Takaful Company will pay the claim equivalent to the weighted average amount of the deposit maintained by the customer during last fortnight in the account.

Takaful Benefit SUM ASSURED:

Weighted Average Deposit held by account holder at time of Death/PTD (A&S) on which contribution is charged which is declared at start or 15th of month by Bank.

Maximum sum assured for any customer will be OMR 100,000 regardless of the number of accounts customer maintains with Maisarah.

Your benefits Include:

  • Sharia Compliant (Mudaraba)
  • Fast and easy account opening
  • Attractive profit sharing ratio
  • Flexible period of investment
  • Easy deposit options