our products

Maisarah, with its dedicated product development unit, has already introduced the best products for the customers and continues to work on extensive product range to be rolled out in the future. Maisarah has already made available saving account, current account, auto finance, home finance and fixed deposit to its customers. The accounts are opened in very short time and the customer is attended to with no delay.

The R&D of Maisarah is also kept up-to-date with market feedback to develop products that best meets customer needs. Some of the unique products with innovative structures are being under development and Maisarah expects the same to be launched in the coming future. Focus is being given in all business areas which include Retail, Corporate and Treasury Banking Services.

Saving Account launched is based on the Mudharaba contract. Customer opening Saving Account is provided with Maisarah Debit Card and the account opening process is fairly simple.

Current Account holders will receive the debit cards and secure cheque books. The contract used is Qard Hassan and is available to individual and corporate customers.

Auto Finance is based on Murabaha concept and helps customer who would like to have Sharia compliant finance to buy their dream cars. Maisarah finances purchase of new and used cars and can also be paid in easy monthly installments.

Home Finance is structured through Ijara contracts and can be used to finance purchase of homes in Oman. All products are offerd with very attractive profit rates and keeping customer experience in mind.

Fixed Deposit is a Mudarabah-based deposit product through which you can invest your savings for periods ranging from 1 month to 5 years and earn profit on a periodic basis.