who we are

The word Maisarah means ‘ease’ in Arabic, representing our commitment to provide easy
and innovative Islamic banking solutions that support our customers’ values.
Ensuring that your beliefs and values are upheld, our innovative Islamic banking products
offer you outstanding financial benefits and world-class standards in customer service.

The logo is designed in the green color which symbolizes the greenery of the Dhofar Region.
The logo was inspired from the architecture of Mazoon Mosque, which is a beloved landmark
for His Majesty and the people of Oman.

Maisarah has a vision of becoming the best Islamic banking services provider

We have already taken steps in that direction. With the ‘best bank’ vision, our team is in
place, products are being rolled out, state of the art technology and infrastructure are in
place to ensure high quality of service. Maisarah is well on the way to becoming the best
Islamic banking services provider.